Inspired by Jackson Pollock

The work of this influential American painter Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) is classified as abstract expressionism. The emphasis is his paintings was mainly the act of painting (action painting). Jackson Pollock’s name is inextricably linked to “dripping”, a technique in which the paint is dripped in whimsical strings onto the cloths on the floor with a stick or a brush.

The ’Pollock-theme’ is inspired by the style and working method of the American artist Jackson Pollock. Not only the result counts, but also the uncontrollable - at that time unconventional - act of painting and the ignorance of what will ensue from it. By pouring, dripping, and splashing you let the language of the subconscious speak.

Through this method of thinking and working a series of paintings and silver jewels arose, in which stripes, drips and lines are the main protagonists. The jewelery collection uses the lost wax technique and pouring molten silver in a liquid or on a non-flammable surface. The solidified silver drips are then processed into an aesthetic piece.

Pollock regularly used colour accents, although the black and white contrast plays an important role in his work. The element ‘colour’ can be found in the jewelry in the form of a semi-precious stone, enamel, or glass in various shades.

In the paintings, the sand and stone matter is applied in different ways. Purely intuitive, without thinking, this creates an abstract network of lines, splashes, depths and whimsical shapes that lie on top of each other in different layers. The usually bright colours are also intuitively chosen and applied in different layers.