Wilfrieda Van De Velde (Laarne 1960) is a visual artist, creative coach, and a woman of feeling. She has an art studio in  Laarne and in De Haan.

As a qualified goldsmith with numerous training courses in various jewellery techniques she designs her own jewellery line. Unique works of art in precious metal in combination with all kinds of other materials, which offer a creative alternative to mass production.

She combines her goldsmith’s art with making semi figurative and abstract material paintings consisting out of sand on canvas over panel.

Wifrieda also creates bronze sculptures: her sculptures are immediately modelled in wax and then cast in bronze.

She usually works in themes. For example, the life of Frida Kahlo, the fascinating poems of Toon Hermans or the beautiful Japanese tradition of the Kintsukuroi provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

She always tries to translate her feelings into the artwork that she creates. In this way designing and creating become a real passion.

Moreover she also gives jewellery making workshops for adults and lectures on the language of jewellery.

In 2016 she founded the creative studio ‘De Bonte Bende’ There she gives fun and challenging workshops for children in group, with or without their (grand)parent or family member. The purpose of this workshops is to bring children into contact with the wonderful and versatile world of art. You will also find her ‘custom art’: colourful animals and other figures according to the customer’s wishes.

Since a few years Wilfrieda has her own art gallery in the coastal city of De Haan. In ‘Art Gallery Wilfrieda Van De Velde’ both her own work of art and those of other artist are on display. Her daughter, Berdien De Wilde, also exhibits: abstract paintings and a stylish earring collection ‘Boost Art and Jewellery’.

Wilfrieda is co-founder and former board member of the Laarne/Kalken artists’ collective Lak@rt vzw.